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Value Package ($21)
   Chicken Thighs and Drums - 3 lb.
   Ham Steak, Bone-In - 1.75 lb.
   Chicken Breasts, IQF - 1 lb.
   Tilapia Filets, IQF- 1 lb.
   Potatoes, onions and 8-10 more pounds of fresh healthy season produce!

Limited supply, so order early
Seafood Special ($29)
-1.5 lb of swai, salmon, tilapia and pollack
-1 lb. of little salad shrimp

Fall Produce Box ($16)
-Four local apples
-One hand bananas
-Four yams
-One eggplant
-Four Bartlett pears
-One butternut squash

Shrimp and Black Bean Empanadas ($10)
-Forty empanadas

First United Methodist Church SHARE Program

Share Package and Specials for October 2016
Money Due:  10 October  
Food Pickup: 22 October  Ensor Hall, 10am to 11am

RSVP intent to purchase from SHARE.  Go to:

Points of Contact:
Garnett Henley - garnett@garnetthenley.com
Latitia Felus - Latitia782@hotmail.com

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